Brian's Flying Page

Our Plane: 1974 Cessna 182P

Flying Vacation Stories

Idaho: McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminar:  (2007)

IFR Firsts: (2006-2007)

San Diego Trip #2 (Carlsbad): (2007)

Reno Air Races:  (2006)

Aspens in the Fall:  (2006)

San Diego Trip #1 (Downtown San Diego) & Albuquerque: (2006)

Teton National Park:  (2006)

Grand Canyon & Sedona & Durango:  (2005)

Favorite Flying Links

Airports I have Flow to

Trips I would like to do:
    Fleet Week in San Francisco
    Baha California
    Washington State and San Juan Islands
    Canadian Rockies
    Glacier National Park
    East Coast Trip: Myrtle Beach
    North East Trip: Mt Washington, Maine.  Fall Colors?

Things to do
    Get a Float Plane Rating
    Become a CFI
    Get a tailwheel endorsement
    Take some spin training and aerobatic lessons
    Jet Warbird lesson at Jetwarbird Training Center at KSAF
    Try T34 combat simulation at Goldwing Aviation at KAPA

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